We’re back!

By we I mean OKC charmers. Voila.



#1 needs no explanation and #2 is just a stand in for the infinite variations on the theme of hello I approve of how you look now please give me attention. Though I suppose the poor guys have been told to open with a compliment and truth be told it’s nice to be thought of as attractive after all, but somehow it’s not enough to inspire me to respond.


7 thoughts on “We’re back!

  1. Heh! I think these are both variations on the same theme of “If I send out the same message to a thousand women, I don’t have to spend time thinking about composing individual ones and at least one will respond, right?”

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  2. Noooo! I just finished binge-reading your blog…why, why, why did I do that? Now I have to wait *shudder* patiently for each new post. Sigh.
    Really like your experiment, thanks for sharing! Maybe I should try it here in NYC. Someone’s probably doing it already. And thanks for linking to Connie to the Wonnie…I’m so in love with her blog now, look forward to it every morning.


    • Thank you! Yes do it. Would be easier in NYC I think if you’re not expecting commitment… Connie is GREAT. Cathy for our generation heh.


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