And I complain that the art of conversation is dead!



37 thoughts on “And I complain that the art of conversation is dead!

  1. I think this boy is a delicate soul, and is indirectly asking you when you ovulate, and are your periods and stuff down there all doing good, Nannykins? So thoughtful, really. >:o)

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  2. What they say is irrelevant, a private message is a private message. What you are doing is not only unethical, but also a criminal offence. Not only can Tinder and OKC sue you for using their screen captures, but if any of the individuals you are defaming gets to know and harms themselves you will be in very serious trouble.
    Either way, this is cheap journalism.


      • So you support and promote cyber bullying and breach of privacy? Perhaps someone skipped a course on anthropological ethics, very Indian. :D


      • Yes, you are exploiting dating sites to sell your blog. How do you even know the person messaging you is not using another persons name and photo? You are potentially victimising a victim.


      • Haha 1) im not selling anything. 2) do you even know what the word journalism means? 3) dude you have a lot of time on your hands no? I however don’t so bye now. Enjoy your hallucinations


      • Santosh sounds eeriely like one of those delightful creatures called “Men’s rights activists”. His definition of cyber-bullying is …interesting. So as long as it’s happening in a private message, anything goes? I’ve had rape/physical assault threats in my okc inbox too (and only from indian men with anonymous handles, sooo surprising) just because I chose not to respond to some fuckers or responded in a way they didn’t like, been called names, had bodyshaming tried on me, received unrelenting volumes of unsolicited sexually explicit and degrading messages—you’re making me wish I had had a public forum to actually publicly shame these motherfuckers. In the extreme cases, all I have done so far was “report abuse,” and the others I just blocked/ignored.

        Dudes like Santosh will refuse to understand though that there’s only certain levels of ignoring you can/want to do before you snap and want to (literally or metaphorically) bitchslap dudes like this. Oh noooo, (Indian) women should only learn to tolerate because “aadmi aise hote hain” and “boys will be boys” and “just adjust, yaa”, nahin? Yeah, endless tolerance and patience just runs in our feminine little brains only.

        I’m curious if Santosh’s “anything goes as long as it’s private” thing extends to real life too, because hooboy, that’s another can of worms altogether, from domestic abuse behind closed doors to a whole host of other fucked up shit.

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      • Hehe sorry i had to implement safety measures after the comment left by apparently the hacker collective anonymous this morning, threatening me my family and friends


      • Threats?!! Woah nanny, you’re officially internet-famous now, and have joined the ranks of Women Harassed Online. :-/

        And naah, it wasn’t a biggie. Just feel bad about the extra moderation stuff you’ll have to do from now on :( What a crock of shit our world is sometimes, seriously.


    • The trolls are out in full force today I see. So amusement, much teeth-baring.

      Funnily enough, this one did #unintentionalsatyavachan. You *do* have an amazing body, but that comes soo further down the totem pole compared to your mind and your heart that I don’t think I’ve ever bothered mentioning/complimenting you on it. Hah! Mistayke rectified now hee :D

      Also, bodyshaming fuckers *really* dunno what they’re dealing with here, do they? Poor baa lambs. Makes me wanna have lamb kababs.


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