Some bad news

Well, I haven’t gone on a date in a while. I did go on one after Bombay but it was so banal I can barely bring myself to write about it. Honestly, I don’t even think it qualifies for the project because he’s really not someone I would go out with if I weren’t stressing about meeting some goal. He was very sweet though, and he did smell nice and was very respectful of what I wanted.

Anyway, that’s not bad news–it’s just what I’ve expected all along: the dates would run out. The bad news is that I am now off on a mighty adventure. I’m going to stay with my sister in the Bay Area for a month, so there will be no Delhi dates. It’s likely there will be all sorts of other posts, like ten things never to do on a first date, or why you should ask me out, or why I’ll go out with you, and definitely more rage on the subject of dates and dating and Indian men boys.

I am not sure if I can, want to or will do Special Edition dates; rest assured that if I do you guys will hear about them!


17 thoughts on “Some bad news

  1. Bay area is basically Little India if you inhabit Sunnypura. I’d be interested to hear your experiences dating Indian men put in that setup.


      • I have a feeling it won’t be any better overall from what I’ve been reading over the past few months. But considering the ones who get to the valley, study and work there, the multicultural influence etc must hopefully humble the average Indian male.


  2. Please expand the dating theme .. 50 dates in Delhi and the Bay ;) I’d love to hear your experiences of dating there .. date some NRIs and some foreigners .. that will really add depth to your cultural experiment. You never know .. you might even meet Mr Right ;)


    • well it’s a lot of work and i don’t drive in the US so it’s going to have to be people who will drive me back etc. We shall see.


      • No need to get an international permit in Ca. Rent Car with Indian License and ride upto 6 months. If nothing – riding 90mph on the 101 makes it worth it.


    • well i actually am all for it. especially with an automatic. but there’s excitement around insurance and stuff and it stresses my sister out so i stick to buses and BART.


      • If you’re interested in renting, I’d recommend you rent a car from Hertz – create an account with your India address and the rental rates are reasonable and include all the key insurance elements automatically. For instance about $340/week including all insurance. Google maps is perfect for navigation, and get a T-Mobile SIM – USD50 for unlimited calls/ text and data.


      • hahaha dear god you think i have $340? in life? i’m touched =) like i said its not that i don’t have access to a car… but thank you for the information.


  3. I’m sure you’ll get dates in the Bay. I would love to see your experience on dating Indians who were born and raised in America, came to US during high school, during college, during graduate school and here to work. Whatever you do first enjoy time with family. Let me know if you come to LA. I would love to meet you. Public transportation is good in the Bay, depending on where you’re at. You can also use Uber or Lyft to help get you around. Enjoy!!


    • oooo i forgot about uber! i just think that since an uber is something i think about in INR i’m not sure it’s an option in USD. still it’s an idea.
      public transportation is good for the USA/california in the bay area. it’s about ok on absolute scales. remember i’m spoilt NYC girl with trains every 5 min running all night long =)
      and thank you for the offer; i’ll keep that in mind.
      as for dates, im trying, im trying but it makes me laugh for the bay area is full of bearded craft brew drinking white hipster boys on okc. i was expecting *some* latinos!

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