Happy Saturday morning

This is the funniest conceited profile answers I have ever seen.. I mean look at you.. Are you actually hallucinating that there is a queue of men dying to date you or sleep with you? Or is this self proclaimed attitude a result of a shambled fantasy that never came true.. Get a life and some honesty .. And a better profile pic if you want some attention :-) .. To get your first of the 50 dates….good luck from.. A well wisher
And yes if you have not understood it already.. I have minus interest in you.. but since I wasted my time reading the crap.. You better read mine..and if you have some sense.. Act on it..
Have you ever heard of this wonderful thing? It’s called closing the window. It’s what I did when I saw your message. Just because your personal sense of heaven knows what entitlement (seriously you should think about your own photo and face before you go around recommending things to other people) makes you feel like you can have an opinion about me and my photos and my decision, I still don’t want to hear it. Notice that I’m not replying to you to tell you my opinion of your clearly minimal intelligence and immeasurably vast sense of self righteousness. Go join a cult.

18 thoughts on “Happy Saturday morning

  1. How do you deal with all this negativity? I’d never be able to do it! It would really put a damper on my spirits.. Also, if you’re ever in Bangalore, I’d totally like to meet you.. but you should know I’m a girl! :D


  2. A subhchintak, no less! My, my, my. It’s times like this that I want to say, “fist, meet face.”

    PS Is this the desi version of negging? “Since I read yours, you better read mine and act on it if you have any good sense hur hur hur”.

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  3. Sometime do put up the good ones if you have permission.I know they’re a rarity but you’ve had 10 dates so there must be a few good men among these nuts.


    • oh the goods one are 99% of the time people i write to first. i wrote an article about this once and i tried very hard to find good emails. I found 2.


  4. I am amazed by how much male rage you are on the receiving end of because you don’t put up with the gigantic sense of entitlement some of these guys have. Kudos to you for dealing with it head-on and not putting up with any BS! sending good vibes your way to combat some of this craziness!

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    • i an amused because i forst read your name as the rapist lady. hee. soz i’m a child =D
      i think everyone is subjected to this, but also putting oneself out on the internet makes one eays target no because if you have to walk up to someone you risk being punched or shaken or interrupted or remembered or something but online you can breeze by spew venom and vanish

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  5. Dear lord….from where does such vitriol come in? Why are women always at the receiving end of such intense hatred from men? I have been a regular reader of your adventures and have been cheering you on (albeit silently!) but this guy’s comments just made me so so rage-y you know! Is it because men are feeling more and more threatened by this sudden discovery of inequality in our country and the chatter around it? Is online harassment the equivalent of street harassment now? Makes men feel powerful all over again after typing lines dissing women?

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  6. This guy’s Saturday morning surely started on a bad note. Probably got kicked on his rear by his ‘significant other’ for not doing the dishes or some such thing. And on the other hand, you seem to be having fun. His tummy couldn’t handle such churn and he had to throw up like that !!


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