So I foolishly decided to make my location Bombay and see if I could have nice chats with interesting guys leading up to my visit.

In 18 hours I had 24 messages, of which 19 were delete from header and the rest were delete on reading. An hour later, 6 more delete from header. And so it’s been going. Eep!

Here are a few for your entertainment:

Hey der wass up…..First thing I have to gv u a big thumpsup for the I’d u used ……..its attractive and innovative…… And also u have explained and written ..the best way you can about what u do and want……cheers to life …….


Hi I liked ur profile n find very interesting , m Rajiv from Mumbai 35 years old ,very fun loving guy looking for some one who wanna have fun ,if interested pls do wa on 9********9


Can we meet when you are here??? My contact number is <>


hi sexy pussy
can i fuck ur pussy

–vish69 (I haven’t managed to report it; for some reason the link won’t work)


yep i m fine with meeting offline…and yeh i do think meeting offline is more fun then chatting over here
And i completely agree with ur definition of date i.e. to meet and know each other better nd then see how it goes…
Fyi..I am single…so no issues with that even thou i am writing so much to u ..i didn’t get the point of writing an email to u..what content u want in that email…

So now I return to Delhi where they’re bored of me and don’t harangue quite as much. Jesus. Somebody get me a way out of this country!



    • I have a suggestion for the guys here–set up a dummy dating profile and mark yourself “female”, fill it with the barest minimum of details, as bland (or not) as you wish, and just wait. Don’t do anything else. Even proper photos aren’t required in most cases–unidentifiable pics work equally well. All of this, purely in the spirit of an experiment, of course. You won’t have to depend on 50Dates for anecdotal evidence on this particular topic any more. 0:-)

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  1. Ah! much anguish vented out. :)

    Doesn’t the online world hit us right in the gut and remind us of the vermin infested society we don’t see everyday? Lovely! It’s the convenience of checking in to the club where everyone’s an equal.

    Sure, please come online. Register with us! We’re what you’re looking for. And your tribe is right here!

    Real world social order and boundaries are complex and hard to manoeuvre and tread into and out of ain’t they? I prefer that. It’s our folly to think that online dating in a vastly confused society should be anything but a spitting reflection of our greater selves. As a friend would put it – “It’s the economy stupid!”

    Consider this – a billion more people will come online in the next decade. Oh Joy!

    I’m done rambling.


  2. As suggested above, I kicked off my little social experiment with a relatively sparse dating profile featuring a blurry picture of a woman. 80 visitors in just about 8 hrs. 6 messages. Only one of which said “Hey, wanna fuck?” Someone wanna guess what was unique to the ethnicity/nationality of this one special snowflake?

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  3. Go go Shil! As for the parameters of your experiment–what’d you put as location? Just for kicks, try any major Indian city and compare the results.


  4. I’m torn between saying “I told you so!” (my comment on the Bombay post) and love for the home city.

    :-EI. This is sheepish smiley, not weird mouche smiley. Umm…at least they weren’t as sleazy? Ahfug, they’re just as bad here as anywhere else. Funny it was your noticing the haranguing distinction though. Once a workaholic dhande-pe-jaana-hain-Mumbaiker, always one.


  5. I realized I spelled my name with an L last time…..embarrassing. :P
    Ooh anyway! There are plenty of dope guys in Delhi, I personally think that you’re on a dating site and that’s the problem-not complaining, just kinda find generalisations a bit stupid because I’m a Delhi guy born and raised-so anyway just wondering is your umm experiment just limited to that dating site? :o
    You could have your friends hook you up? Okay, selfish motive because I want more date stories!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Also I do agree people talk like that but there are so many amazing people out there too! Granted I only know like 2-3 dudes older than me (19) who can actually hold a conversation like a decent sapient being, but I don’t think its an age issue!!
    Also, ooh turning bi is an option…….
    It’ll make for an epic read, just saying….
    Sorry, that was stupid…….Yes, I’ll shut up.
    Hope you find someone awesome. Bring ze funny posts coming annnd sorry for this book I just wrote.


    • well akshay clearly you haven’t read all the things i write or you’d know the trouble i have getting people to set me up, the very small number of single guy my age who are around and so on. and this by the way is the point about age right there: ‘i know all the answers to everything’ without stopping to think that the other person just might not be a blithering idiot who hasn’t tried the most obvious solutions. wow, ask my friend to set m eup, why didn’t *i* think of that? instead of saying you’ll shut up once you’ve said something stupid in a comment next time delete it because whatever other points you might have made in that comment and whatever their questionable validity that bi comment just obliterated everything except silly horny little boy.
      i don’t know about finding someone awesome, but thank you for the positive wishes


      • What no no no!!! That Bi comment was a joke! My sense of humour is a bit crass. :P
        I’m sorry I crossed a line, also I’m not a horny little boy! :@
        I wish you nothing but the best, also sorry I don’t consider you a blithering idiot or anything of that sort, that bcomment was made in good fun. But it might have come across as a bit invasive and inappropriate!
        Again, sorry!! Crass sense of humour also low dating pool, yes ; should’ve kept that in mind.
        My apologies, I didn’t mean to come across as rude or conceited and being perverted was the last thing I imagined I’d come across as, trust me, seriously!! I’m sorry. :@
        Let’s put that down to my really shitty sense of humour. :P
        Anyways, really sorry if that came across as negative!!


      • read carefully baba! i said if you know a comment is stupid then don’t make it because it erases everything else and you become horny little boy.
        you didnt come off as anything other than young and thoughtless and im short on patience lately so i told you you were being young and thoughtless =) next time think more!
        all is good, chill


  6. Bummer, 50datesinDelhi! I was looking forward to reading some interesting stories from your trip…
    I guess it was partly also due to the fact that you were there for only a day. Perhaps things would have been different if you had more time at hand. Anyway, hope you have many interesting travel stories nonetheless in the future.


    • er… 1. i wasn’t there, i havent gone yet. 2. how do you know how long i am going to be there for? 3. those guys knew nothing other than the fact that i was located in bombay…


  7. I’m in the USA and I receive the same type of messages from guys here (non-indians). Indian guys simply don’t email because of ego. I agree with someone who said on this board, dating etiquette should be taught in school.

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