Message blast

There’s a word no for those message you send to everyone in your contact list? Or every woman on OKC in a certain age range? Like this one:

Hey Beautiful,

Well i like to take to the point honestly don’t have much time and patience to keep waiting for revert, so i upfront like to share my contact no am reachable @ **********.

Ping me if interested.

17 thoughts on “Message blast

  1. Don’t have much time and patience! Tsk tsk tsk. Isn’t that the story with most guys you’ve come across?! He might as well have flashed his ahem ahem while he was at it, posting his number like that! I think as an extension of this experiment, it would be worth your while trying your luck in other Indian cities as well, just to know if guys all over India are like that or is it just Delhi.


    • Hahaha you give me my morning chuckles missy.

      I must try this okc…with hangout interest when I am in Delhi. Of all things, I can get “just for laughs” episode out of it…hopefully Russell Peters agrees to do a cameo.


    • well. i changed my okc status to bombay last night. i had 24 messages. 19 of them were as bad as the ones i usually get, which means delete without reading more than header. the remaining 5 were delete after reading. of the eleven more i got in the past hour, same status. i’m thinking the same everywhere?


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