Special Edition

In an attempt to revive my fast vanishing interest in engaging with any Indian men at all (despite one shining exception this past month), I thought I could do a special edition series and maybe go on a date when I travel. These won’t add to the target, but it might be reassuring to know that prospects are better in other cities (Please! Say it is so!)–I’m always being told Bombay is great, for example. And so, since I will be in Bombay most likely next week, any Bombay readers want to take me out?


30 thoughts on “Special Edition

  1. Bombay is any day better than Delhi.
    More smart n cool and Bombay guys don’t judge

    Go for it :) I am sure you will find many interesting guys there

    I was itching to tell you this but thought of not bringing this topic Bombay vs Delhi. It has been discussed ad nauseum in the past over the Internet


    • haan this is my instinct too, but people really seem to think bombay is some paradise… what’s the harm in going on one date, assuming someone interesting turns up?


  2. Well, hate to dash your hopes but I don’t think it’s any sort of paradise, no matter what we’d like to believe.

    But…as someone who reads your blog regularly, I hope I’m wrong :)


    • hehe i haven’t many hopes. i don’t believe in the dichotomy–delhi is a better city by far =D hee. but seriously, open mind. you might also want to back off yourself a bit and take the pressure down a notch?


  3. I wish I could say Bombay men were different but they really are not. Maybe a bit less of the cologne and the ‘jaanta nahin mera baap kaun hain?’ and a bit more of the ‘I gotta be up early for a breakfast meeting tomorrow’. Would love to hear about your comparative experience though.


  4. Bombay will be a nice change…Lets hope those gutsy guys will catch up on your offer…good luck sweetheart…

    It’s not the destination that matters. It’s the change of scene … cupid travels all corners of the world. :-)


      • I wish I could catch up with you next month for girl talk when I am in Delhi next ( too bad you have plans…but nevertheless I hope something comes up for you…totally unexpected date wise it is) and yeah if your plan changes…let me know.
        Toronto woman here. ;-)

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  5. Wow, I didn’t mean to open a can of worms (for that matter, I guess neither did you) regarding who’s better than whom and all that. I’m not in Bombay at the moment, otherwise I would have definitely loved to meet up. Have a good time!


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