Annnd Happy Monday to you too

are you a serial dater?
to be honest dude, instead of spending 10 years on this website, had u spent 10 months in the gym, I am sure things would have been a lot different….that still can change….its all in d head.
So much love early in the week. Totally makes you want to put yourself out there and push push push people to agree to spend some time with you.

16 thoughts on “Annnd Happy Monday to you too

  1. Why would someone go to a dating website, make the effort of going through someone’s profile and then leave an idiotic message such as this…
    Looks to me like there’s nothing in his head.

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  2. Hey, just recently started following your blog and I’m just leaving a comment to say, your anecdotes and theories are quite hilarious.XD They truly make for a compelling read. And ooh ooh, I recommended them to everyone I know , plus my sister really enjoys your blog .(and she’s picky I’ll tell you that. :P)
    Plus amazing to hear that chilli’s is your favourite places for hangouts.Anyway, enough gushing, keep up the good work. And I promise I’m totally not hoping that you go above 50 simply because I enjoy these reads a lot.

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    • haha thank you! i will stop blogging after 50 you know even if date more ;) and of course chilli’s is my favourite place! texas cheeeseee friesss


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