Well you guys might have noticed there hasn’t been a date in a while. Things have gotten very crazy at work again, and well there really haven’t been stellar candidates appearing either. I also have been inundated by insane 20-year olds. I can’t remember the last message I got that was from someone actually in the age group!

Anyway, it’s Deepavali this week and I’m headed home to spend some quality time with the family and my mother’s legendary chocolate barfi. It feels like a good time to take a break from putting myself out there to wait until someone interesting shows up of him own volition.

I can blog about other stuff if you guys want. Actually I’ve been meaning to ask if you guys want to read about not-dates, because there’s stuff I feel I could talk about that’s totally related to all this dating-shating heh but then it isn’t actual dates and it seems like that’s the big draw here. Thoughts?


40 thoughts on “Interlude

  1. You’ve already kinda started doing that, no? With the posts on (male) entitlement, crass BS, etc?

    And you have all your theories, history etc. laid out already, but running thoughts on how the theories test out on the, erm, subjects so far are always welcome :P Analyse away, woman!


  2. Share away! The post on male entitlement was great…maybe you can write about any overarching themes that emerge from your experiments! Also, I’m interested in knowing why some guys say they will never date /marry an Indian girl. Is it because we are all “ek hi chakki ka aata”. Is it because we can never be ‘cool girls’ worthy of these dude bros?


    • minimum fuss is impossible in bombay unless of course everything is a ten minute walk from where you are–which it never is. heh.
      as i tell other people who ask me to come, paisa nahin hain yaar date ke liya ticket khareedne! but if you send me an email, i’ll let you know if i am in bombay. deal?


  3. I feel the same with girls. That must be from person to person. Today I don’t know if every girls I end up dating are weird or I’m the fish out Of the tank guy.


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    • See this is my point! We’re all list in rules and nonsense and no one knows what the other person really thinks or wants! Also um pua89? Really??


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