Quite sweet but…

I liked ur profile and wanted to meet u.
I know ur quite older than me but it doesn’t bother me. I am from janak puri, New Delhi want to meet new people… And iam interested in you.
And yes iam single.

Waiting for ur reply……

Aw look at that. Despite my advanced age he’s willing to hang out with me. And see? He’s clearly read the profile–he’s single! Eyeroll.

24 thoughts on “Quite sweet but…

  1. Eyeroll? I am so sorry. I read your blog some weeks back and understand all where you are coming from. But i think you have lost your mind completely. I think you are a frustrated and entitled Bridget Jones – and most probably a man-hater. Please stop ridiculing men like that for not living upto your standards. You are “dating” right ? Dating is a process of meeting a lot of people and screening them and then choosing your mate. You could have ignored the above person if he doesn’t make you feel in a certain way or doesn’t fit into your types. Why did it offend you so much ?

    360-degree well rounded person who can show a lot of social skills and charisma and confidence and has a good body and a good career and a modern mummy. I wish you all luck that you get what you think you deserve. I think most women are completely clueless about how much efforts go into building all these things.


      • Okay. But i don’t like the idea of ridiculing people just because you have imagined a standard and a majority of people are unable to meet them. For example, you only like people who wear a black suit but everyone you meet is wearing a kurta and now you’re ridiculing people on the internet like “meh. kurta guys”


    • hello hello
      what a storm in a teacup! a girl steps out to watch downton abbey and this happens eh?
      well aditya i think you, like him, also missed the point. you see i’m open to dating people who are near my age. 28-40 it says very clearly on okcupid. along with a lot of other things. now granted there might be a sociocultural abyss between him and me, and the way i express myself and maybe he didn’t understand my profile or get the kind of person i am, or maybe he disagrees with me and thinks that he and i are very compatible. regardless, he’s nineteen. that is just ridiculous. i am not writing to people 13 years older than me clearly have an articulated age band and tossing out ridiculous statements like i don’t mind that you’re older than me. honey i don’t give a fuck if you mind. once again entitlement–you’re so lucky i’m interested in you even though you’re so old AND YOU CLEARLY say you don’t want people younger than 28. because i’m a special snowflake and i don’t need to read what you write and even if i read it, i don’t need to respect your wishes. and that, my dear aditya, is why this email is up here today.
      and also, aditya, he has not offended me, as i seem to have offended you (projecting maybe?). i think he’s silly. i do not roll my eyes at people who offend me, i roll my eyes at people who are silly and self absorbed and highly predictable.
      and lastly, unlike you, aditya, i did not spit my opinion in his face. not that i object, of course when i put things up online people will see them and have opinions. i blocked him and erased his message. take a chill pill dude. eyeroll.

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      • Oh. I didn’t know that he was 19 and i am didn’t see your OkCupid profile. So i see where you are coming from now. Sorry for the offense.

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      • Hah I forgot to put in the age tag. But mostly you took a giant leap of assumption and decided this crazy chick couldn’t possibly have a good reason hmm? Apology accepted. Though no offence was taken. Remember the eyeroll?


    • Aditya, 50Dates has given you a more detailed response than you deserve. But I have two questions for you:
      a) Why are you offended to think that she may have been offended? Her reactions, her reasons. And no, she doesn’t owe you a bloody explanation (although she was nice enough to provide one anyway).
      b) And since when does “eyeroll” become such a loaded/objectionable action? Why so thin-skinned, that you can’t handle even reading about a casual gesture of dismissal directed towards someone else, esp. when there is no malice involved?

      Dude. Get some perspective. And grow a thicker hide. Winter is coming, after all, and you just might need the extra insulation.

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      • Lol. Yeah you can attack me as much as you want. If you think Machiavellianism is the answer to every human question, let me tell you one thing every generation in the history of mankind thinks of the same thing – that their thoughts, their value standards and systems of social justice are correct and so rational and so god damn objective. You are not the first one :D. Welcome to the world.


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