#16: Moet’s


Well unfortunately #16 didn’t want any details about him out, some of which I understand, other I don’t, but hey it’s his privacy and I respect his right to it. Unfortunately I cannot write about anything we talked about because it all ties into bits of his identity, soooooooooooooooooooooooo. He was my first firangi date. We went to Moet’s. We ate pizza. It was very good! He walked me to my car and, when I told him to text me when he got home, stroked my cheek and told me I was cute. ‘Of course I’m cute,’ I tossed at him before I hopped in and drove off.


24 thoughts on “#16: Moet’s

  1. I honestly find it unrespectful toward you and your followers. That firangi should be aware he was participating in a experiment. It’s not like you’re going to say he’s full name and his car’s plate number, but something you ought to say about him, isn’t that the purpose of the blog?

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    • hahahaha
      so much protest! i am touched =) he did know about the blog, and whatever it is i respect his wishes and his right to privacy. but ok let me see what i can do

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  2. You should make another dating rule that says: “The blog is about dating and writing about it. Don’t call me out if you don’t want me writing about you on the internet”


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    • hahaha i’ve never had this problem before you know. but so much fuss! if i have time this weekend i’ll try and rise to the challenge of writing it without giving away information ok?


      • Ok, but why so much respect to his fussy request?

        I got two hipothisis:
        1 – he’s VIP
        2 – you might falling for him ;-)



      • HAHAHAHA you’re wrong on both counts =)

        i just respect people’s privacy. it’s one thing to spill details of my own life, but i don’t get to choose for other people


  3. Am I the only one who thinks, sure this project is a cool one and it’s great that you’re blogging about it, but the fact that we get to hear the stories is a privilege, not a bloody right? I mean, the goal is to see what (and who) is out there, but these are real people she meets, and they might be interested in 50Dates the person and not so much the project. And that should be fine. If you find someone you click with but they don’t want be on display, as it were, what’s wrong with that? Ultimately it’s your life and you owe your readers only so much. As it is, you’re super generous with what you share.

    TL;DR–Not disappointed :)


    • aww my knightest in shining armour =) i do agree. i find it a little strange that people are all upset. i can understand being disappointed as ive been when im mebedded in someones personal life and they stop writing heh but i also think i did right thing


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