I got these emails this morning on OKC.

ur vagina wd be real tasty…can I lick it
till u cum?? Baby let’s meet…no strings attached!!

–arktoss 26 M Delhi


Haha I have just reached to 5 .. teach me how to reach 50 ? Lol
Pussy lickers are eligible or not ?

–brokebroken 27 M Delhi

I just… How is this acceptable? I try to be nice and hide IDs and respect privacy but this is not respect. I don’t owe them respect. Here is to some shaming people. Please, if you’re on OKC and you think this behaviour is unacceptable, go on and spam them.

Also, if you have any ideas that might work as comebacks, tweet at me! #okstupid.



21 thoughts on “Enough

  1. I love that OKC immediately blocks douchebags if you report them. But this is just crass bullshit, not abuse (like graphic threats, for instance, of which I’ve gotten more than my share), so shaming might be best, yea.


  2. Sigh! Social networks are filled with vermin of this sort. You should write to Chris Coyne at OKC, he reads his messages and does respond I’ve heard, to make the blacklisting service better.


  3. Yay for the public shaming! There need to be websites where there are pictures of these idiots’ profiles, photoshopped so that they are holding apology signs like the ones for the adorable dog-shaming ones.


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