Remember that meeting I had on Sunday?

It was for this. Eep!

P.S. In an interesting coincidence, this is post #50


12 thoughts on “Remember that meeting I had on Sunday?

  1. “The woman,” “The woman”… his reiterations can’t help but remind me of The Woman, aka, the one and only Irene. You’re in good company, boss. :D

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  2. Two things I learnt from that article – Matrimony and past love. The latter was really sweet! I don’t know if you’ve spoken about him on the blog, may be fleeting mentions.

    Matrimonials OTOH I find are incredibly prejudiced places. Put all your divisions in society into neatly arranged drop downs and pay up. My dad registered me too. I allowed it because I don’t have anything against the idea as such but it showed these kinds of prejudices when communication took place. People want to know if I own a house in a metro, work for a brand they know, have a foreign education, more than one degree, parents are disease-free etc. Ugh! Insufferable. It got to the point where he started getting extortion calls from their service desk saying “Don’t you want your son to be married? Then you should pay for premium membership!” I’ve deleted the profile.

    Another thing I noticed is the high-born, privileged kids usually end up in premier institutions (social sciences in the North, STEM in the South) which attracts people of a single gender in greater percentage than the other. And you get out of there into the real world you’re pretty much on your own. The STEM graduates I can speak of have had little to no interaction with the opposite sex and end up in messed up relationships. We mope about and give in to arranged marriage. May be become wife beaters. Ha! At least that’s the perception I think. But seriously, it doesn’t end there. As STEM fields are flocked by men, so are the occupations that follow. I don’t know if that’s the case with social sciences and the arts, but seems like it would be. Correct me if I am wrong.

    Not unsurprisingly, this is also the case in China. Hard working, ambitious kids with little to no time for love and relationships. Kids have migrated to the west and parents show up at the local park with a picture of their son/daughter and introduce the prospect to the opposite party bearing their offspring’s picture. Sweet isn’t it?


    • gosh this is a whole post. but i do agree with a lot of what you’re saying =) and its to explore this kinda stuff that i’m doing this so yay you for giving me material!


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