Apparently I’m a peacock

Or something like that. Because how else could I have a display? Maybe I have a secret shop with a nice window?

I really like your display :)
I know you must be getting plenty of messages, and i want to stand out of the rest.
I wont use any pickup line because that’s just too plastic.
I hope cupid comes to play and we connect!
looking forward to your reply :)

Also. You’re nineteen!!!!!! Nineteen!!!!!!!!!!!!!


9 thoughts on “Apparently I’m a peacock

  1. Hahahaha, you’re so horrified! Iloveit. :D

    If he wanted to stand out, being 19 certainly did the trick, hee. He certainly seems earnest and non-douchey. Awwwle.

    PS Nice touch using 19 exclamation marks. ^_^


  2. Hilarious…
    Plastic Pick Up lines really…what’s up with that one?
    Wondering where are the good old humor me guys gone in India (ehhmm Delhi)


    • hah such deep hpilosophical questions are outside the purview of my expertise madam =D and yes it’s india not just delhi


      • Ahhh…sigh…so I am returning to a cold city…in cold December…. can’t say been there done that moved on and moving back…LOL


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