Best beloveds,

I have given in to many demands and am actually going to be on social media. Yes, really. This changes nothing for us here I promise, but it does mean I will be on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, should you want to follow me, argue with me, laugh with me, annoy me, or whatever you will. It’s kinda cool actually because there are a lot of non-date things I keep wanting to share, but I can’t help but feel the blog is not the place for it. I also promise not to cross post more than one thing at any given time, most likely a new post. So if you’d like to see things I find interesting or funny, if you’d like to see my inner bitch, who is well controlled on the blog, or if you’d like to see photos that don’t get picked for the posts, hop on board and follow me.

If you don’t care, please ignore this post. Carry on; as you were.


22 thoughts on “Housekeeping

  1. I see nothing on your Facebook page but a Cat , and the page goes by the same 50 dates name .
    How is the Facebook page going to be different ?
    Are u just dating for a blog or actually looking to get marriage !


    • yup it’s a brand new page so it’s going to be empty don’t you think? like before i posted anything on this blog, it was empty.
      neither, i’m dating for the reasons i give on the page called what’s this all about


      • Maybe it’s just me but I do think you should have put in some more serious effort , added in some interesting stories , pictures etc before suggesting people to follow . Your Instagram account has only 3 pictures was a dissappontment for me . Chalo Anyways best of luck


      • I was amazed that you were *this* polite to this rude, arrogant and kinda-dim lout. Gimme some of your patience! Was about to write a scathing reply, but I see Shilsen got to it before me, and did a bang-up job of it :)


      • haha i’ve got yougaiz i guess? ^_^
        also sometimes people just dont express themselves properly. the second comment revealed this wasn’t the case.


    • Sharad, is there anything wrong with “just dating for a blog”? Maybe someone dates for marriage. Maybe someone dates because it’s fun. Maybe someone dates for a blog. Maybe someone dates for sex. Maybe someone dates so that people can make rude comments at them on the internet. Okay, scratch the last one, since that would never happen!

      Also, it’s more than a little churlish to say “you should have put in some more serious effort…”, because what you’re essentially saying is, “Hey, you know all those things that you are doing, which are not aimed specifically at me and which I am able to access for free? I am disappointed that you have not put enough effort into them to suit my tastes.”

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    • uh oh now i’m scared! O_O
      i LOVE google but somehow i hate G+. for one thing i love picasa and then i lose it. and then g+ is very invasive, how to keep privacy? bloody everything you do anywhere on google is plugged in.
      yay waiting for it!


  2. Yay! So much more to read and follow!
    I have a question : Can I set you up with/ introduce you to someone who is really interesting and lives in Delhi? Or is it absolutely mandatory that they are ‘sourced’ through an OKCupid/ Tinder account? Say?

    PS: You’re going to need more than 24 hours a day to manage work and soooooo much social media!


    • Good God no! As I totally want to meet guys not from OKC and tinder! I’m happy lots of them are writing to me off the blog but setups are totally welcome


      • wow i never thought of it that way heh but yes i have been beseeching people to set me up with people but they just don’t. and when they do the guys never write back


      • You should go totally old school and do it as a swayamvar. Except in this case, the guys get lined up and each has 5 minutes at a terminal to send you a pithy but enticing message, with no grammatical errors or creepiness. On the internet, that would be as comparatively rare as a dude shooting an arrow through the eye of a mechanical fish reflected in a pool of water :p

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