Intractably Single Girl

I love Connie to the Wonnie.


4 thoughts on “Intractably Single Girl

  1. I’d never read her before…thank you for the linkings :) She’s quite awesome, though the single girl comics are kinda depressing. I want to bake cookies and take some over to her and sit and talktalktalk. (Of course, this would also motivate me to learn to bake cookies–yay!)


    • i know she is no? well i think she’s brave in her own ay refusing to put a brave face on it. i love the elephant though heh. remind me to link you to food blog.


  2. Oh yes, very brave. No question about that. It takes a lot to be this honest and vulnerable in a public medium.

    I know how to cook (am more or less decent, too!), but the thought of baking intimidates me, strangely enough.


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