lolzzz..very clear mind ..yes, u love people and u cud love me too ..if u discover life..we cud do tht together ..yes, we can also have sex on the first date..u r so open to life ..it wud b nice to know u

People keep asking for OKC letters. Sorry I’ve been crazy busy, but I’ve got some coming up. This gentleman has me very confused. Does he want a date? Sex? Is he being snarky? Am I giving him too much credit?


16 thoughts on “iConfuse

  1. This guy is by far the most interesting human sub species to exist on this god forsaken planet. He shouldn’t be allowed in any civilization to roam freely, let alone have the right to procreate… seriously how can guys use lolzzzz, and what does he mean by open…..


  2. Hee hee. Vy u give ppl so much credit only, dear50da8s? ;)

    Here are two gems I once got on Okc:

    1) “Hi,I am maddy (Madhukar) work as development engineer for software giant here … i am Indian ,my parents are surgeon..I am the only child to them.I am looking for serious relationship/Friendship.Life is like a piano.White keys are happy moments & Black keys are sad moments.But remember both keys are played together 2 give sweet music.To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved”

    2) “Hello Lady, I used To consider Myself Convent Educated But Believe Me I could Not make Head Or Tail Out Of Your Summary, I seriously Hope You are Not The Bra Burner Types….
    Warm Regards”

    I don’t usually reply to the fuckwit types, but this one, I did: “Go burn a bra, and leave me alone? Sincere wishes”

    And he wrote back “As the lady wishes. Bye.”


  3. I wonder what would be a perfect douchebag okc letter? Would go somewhat like this-

    ‘Heyie, juz saw on on the internet and found out that you’re open for sex. I am also very openminded about sex. I look very handsome and belong to xyz caste. Wanna sex?’

    Gah! That’s not it. There are bigger douches out there.

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