Bimbo is not a compliment


I am <> here working for a Software Giant :)
I love travelling and do travel to new places with a good company :)

Please have a look at my profile and let me know if that interests you.

you looks pretty and simple :)I am looking someone for a chat and then a real meet if everything goes well.

You are a hotttt bimbo :* love those heavy ones :)

Got kik and skype to proceed :)


Dear <>

A Software Giant huh? Is it a Big Friendly Software Giant? Or is it, of I dunno, small and soft? I did look at your profile, but sadly your interests are so unique that I see no space for us to overlap. Also, I must admit, your email makes me think you are simple, and sadly, simpleminded men are not something I am fond of. So I must regretfully decline to kik you, however much I’d like to kick you.


4 thoughts on “Bimbo is not a compliment

  1. I admire the patience of women on these websites sifting through the trash. These nutjobs give the rest of us a bad rep. Almost every woman I noticed replies selectively, and every guy responds frequently. God knows how many such mimbos are out there.


    • Haha mimbo! I love it. Though bimbos are supposed to be attractive and dumb. Hee. Trust me I don’t post a lot of the really horrible ones…


      • Mimbo!! He He…
        Oooooh, I am sooooooooo gonna use this in my future conversations… Like Seriously!!
        (Did that sound ‘bimbo-ish’ enough?? :D)
        Btw, my comments might be a tad bit out-dated… I am still catching up on the old posts!!


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