What’s sweet about it?


I must say you have sweet different aim of 50 dates.. so how much is done? I like your writing.. One thing which is probably common between us is that we like social psychology.. I would love to know you more.. you surely be having lots of interesting stories to tell. If possible, go through my profile.. In case you feeling a bit cozy n lazy, here is some of it:

I am sometimes lazy, sometimes procrastinator, sometimes introvert.. sometimes fun! things change from time to time.. wants to spend time traveling/trekking.. (i actually traveled a lot less than what I aimed for).. typically love various kinds of music and films.. includes flyod, led zep, kishore.. classical – chopin, nusrat, gazals.. basically little here and there..
no online friend yet.. so yes its a new thing.. would love to have some good conversations, n may be surprise hangouts :) I rarely drink and occasionally have marijuana, both with close friends.. I think its more about the ambience and comfort and all those little emotionally connecting things….

tell me something about you and throw up any questions you have.

have a great day!!

Thank you for that very nice message. Really, on a day when I was told, ‘Can you put some efforts to reduce your belly tyre ,so that u can get some dates be’ in a stunning display of obnoxiousness and unfamiliarity with English, it was a nice thing to read. But I don’t know if you realise how different we are! What about my profile leads you to think I like to trek? I’m very lazy! My mother has been trying for years to get me to walk around the countryside–no luck yet. So, while I thank you for your kind message, I’m afraid I have to say no.


3 thoughts on “What’s sweet about it?

  1. Did he just casually slip in the information that he is into drugs? I know it might not have a big shock value for most people but for me it felt something like- ‘Hey, I am a guy. I like swimming, tennis, painting and occasionally murdering small children and selling their organs. Wanna meet up?”

    Well, maybe not that dramatic but you get the point.

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