Charming AND stupid

If its abt having sex then u can consider me as one of ur dates!!! Trust me u will enjoy it

Dear horny 23 year old

I do feel like you might want to cultivate the reading habit. I’m sure it will help you in your future. For example, when the bottle you think says whiskey says rat poison, it would be useful if you could read it and not die.


10 thoughts on “Charming AND stupid

  1. I suppose no generalizations are here which guide your preferences…not all 23 or for that matter 25 years old are looking for THAT particular thing only!

    Apart from that its a wonderful Blog along with the concept.


    • Hehe fair enough but I’m my experience is true for all of them. Though they also can be very needy… Different stage in life?


      • Could be but i am assuming that you have had some bad experiences with a certain 23-25 years old.Too bad just because of One rotten apple every 25 year old will now be tarred with the same brush :-( ….Though i agree with the Charming part :P


      • not one sweetie…many many many more than one!

        hehe i suppose you’re free to agree, though i should admit i rarely use charming unless i’m being sarcastic


  2. i Guess then your appetite for a certain 25 years old is full….if u use charming as sarcasm then i will have take the Stupid part—that’s cute for me too :-)


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