Read the profile? Why would I do that?

Hi, Well am <name> from Delhi & I would like to make friends with like minded people. Like to travel and enjoy good company. Am looking for classy, discreet ladies, Couple or Group who are out to have some fun without taking undue risks. Age, Marital status and looks do not matter – I believe that a woman’s sexuality is between her ears and not between her legs.

I love experimenting with my partner and would try anything once with a right partner.Will stimulate your mind and soul and make you feel special. I can bring your dreams to reality with boundless passion, sensuality and naughtiness….

If you are open minded and ready to have an discreet relationship than contact me

Dear <name>

If you had bothered to read my profile, you’d have seen right off that we are not, in fact, ‘like minded people’. For example, I like complete sentences and correct capitalization. While it’s true I’m running an experiment, it’s clearly not the same kind as the ones you like to do with your er partner. How kind of you to reassure me though, that my looks don’t matter–even my ugly mug is acceptably classy and discreet I take it, since you wrote to me. Unfortunately, I prefer my sexual stimulation physically, so I’m going to have to pass on your charming invitation. 

11 thoughts on “Read the profile? Why would I do that?

  1. ” I can bring your dreams to reality with boundless passion, sensuality and naughtiness….” this has got to be an eighteen year old boy trying to sound like a 28 year old man. Plus, i don’t get why people get confused between “than” and “then”… if its “than contact me,” i’d rather pass.!?
    nonetheless, you’ll have lots of these regularly paying a visit to your OKC account.


  2. I’ve been reading a few of your replies to unwanted requests, and while it’s common to shame people on their poor grammar/syntax/command over the English language, I wonder if you’ve given any thought to why we may do it.


    • hugely. the reason i put emphasis on it, as i had to explain to my father on my short and ill fated time on bharatmatrimony, i come from a context that is very strong in english and articulation. the ability to express yourself easily is like breathing to me. and if you can’t do it, then the odds are we won’t be able to communicate, especially if the gulf is so large. believe me i’ve talked to/gone on dates with guys who didn’t connect in the language space, and it didn’t work. only once did it. in this case of course it wasn’t the language as much as the i want to be part of triad that was the problem. though he, like the one who don’t have the same felicity with english as i do, clearly didn’t read my profile all the way through


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