The wrong language


Thanks to Cupid Robot, chanced upon your profile and even though it may sound Cliched but ‘Yes It Is An Interesting Read’ ..

A lot different then the ones that U generally get to read. Rather a very interesting one to read..

A profile of someone with loads of Self Confidence, Grit, Determination and above all a Self Assured woman with lot of Spunk. While reading your profile the thought that crossed my mind was to throw caution to the wind and ask ‘Would U like to start a Conversation – Connect?’

A Conversation that’s not limited and is beyond the realms of Conventional Wisdom and see if someday we can reach a point where we wouldn’t mind traveling miles to share a cup of Tea / Coffee or Whatever catches our fancy on the given day – time! We can maybe put it in the category of one the dates U want to have :-)

So what say… Want to start a conversation?

Dear sir,

Please return my capital letters.




7 thoughts on “The wrong language

  1. Came here via eM’s blog, where I read your post about JP. Going through your archives now… couldn’t resist commenting on this one to say: you’re a hoot… what a response! :D


  2. I finished reading The Martian by Andy Weir and reading your blog is giving me a sense of deja vu. Very similar in terms of humour and style. Once again, make it into a book!


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