The return of #2

(I got a lot of frantic questions both on and offline about what happened next, and my best friend pointed out that if I’m trying to find someone I can go on a second date with, then surely I should talk about the second dates!)

#2 was only in India that week, and then his trip was extended to include the weekend and the following week, but lots of travel. He did say at departure that he wanted to see me again and so I texted to ask when and where and how. We figured that it would have to be Saturday or Sunday, and since he said nothing on Saturday, I texted to say Sunday, only my cat is being neutered so we’ll have to stay home. Only, the ‘I’ll tell you tomorrow morning’ never came, and there I was, at the vet’s and going into the Danger Zone. I refused to let this happen, so I mentally smacked myself upside the head and just texted to say yo morning is long gone… And he replied.

The requisite timing hijinks later, he came by and we sat in my living room and dove right back into talking, with stories of crazy car rides and bus drivers, his ex, my ex, life plans and heaven knows what else. And then I trotted out the Theories. He didn’t completely agree with me but he did give me a new strand that ties into the Dating Desert Theory. The unavailability of guys over 28, is sometimes because they’re still single because they want to kill it careerwise and so they don’t have time for anything else. This hadn’t occurred to me, and might have been a hint hee.

Once again, time whizzed by. The cat continued passed out on the divan, peeing a few times, which gave me an excellent excuse to hop over to the sofa by his chair and then stick my arm out and play with his fingers. He was happy to reciprocate. Soon enough, I beckoned him over to sit by me. ‘No, you come here,’ he said, patting his lap. I laughed and told him I refused to torture a perfectly good chair, and so he came and put his arm around me. I leaned back onto his shoulder and slung my legs of the arm of the sofa. We talked for a bit longer before he kissed me, which then provoked laughter because it was just such an awkward angle. Some wriggling led to a spiderman kiss, nose to chin, which also made me giggle. Ah giggles, such a vital part of a good makeout.

He was headed home to dinner, which brought our evening to a close. We bade each other a very fond goodbye, and he told me that, since he was in Delhi again that week, he’d like to see me (I nodded fervently), but under the circumstances it was unlikely to happen. Before you explode, let me tell you it didn’t. Which is completely okay, because such a great first date, and an even better second date, are enough to make me very happy. Here’s a smiley ^_^


12 thoughts on “The return of #2

  1. congratulations. even though i was looking forward to the fourth date as #4. someone new. a new angle. a new face. a new story. a new setting. but then again .. you are the author of your story. and if you are happy then that is what should matter. cheers.

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  2. so you never went on another date with this guy? i am completely alien to the concept of dating. so its all about just dating and meeting people and never going anywhere with it? just asking. hope you don’t misunderstand.


    • well i think the point is at my age it’s hard to click properly with people. im old and curmudgeonly hee. so yes i’d need to meet a lot of people at least once. no i haven’t seen him again, but he doesn’t live here so it was expected =) as i keep saying the only goal of any date is the get the next one. and maybe in 6 months you can decide if it’s time for a longterm commitment.


  3. i just stumbled upon your website today through yahoo..& i got to say..i am hooked..cant stop reading :) but what i would like to ask (if you don’t mind) is, what if you deeply connect (emotionally) with one of these men? what then? would the experiment stop?


  4. Ah. Is it crass to say I was relieved to read you didnt see him again? I’m a pessimist in life – I had a cringeworthy feeling that maybe it would go wrong somewhere.

    But oh well. Maybe you’d bump into him later and pick up from where you started. Who knows?

    (Yes, I’m very Nicholas Sparks meets Artemis Fowl)

    I love what you’re doing. You’re in my city (I moved out so I miss everything about it) and you’re doing something that people roll their eyes about. Respect.


    • Aw thank you! Well to be honest I miss that connection I had with him. It was light and easy and honest and fun and serious and silly. I don’t know if it was the euphoria of beginning or I was just in a better place or he was just a great guy or what but it’s a little sad how little of that fizz I’ve encountered in later dates. I wouldn’t mind fizz in my life regularly, dates or not.


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