Please stalk me

One of the funnier emails I got was from this one guy who seemed like he just desperately wanted someone to contact him for something, ANYTHING!

Hi I am very much interested in your profile. I do not know if you believe in long distant relations. But if you can try then I can promise that you will not get embarrased. Are you on fb or whts app and would you mind connecting so that we can know each other well. If we do not match at all we can simply be in touch and live as friends. After all touch always matters. My Best Regards.( PS- Working as Country Head for a European MNC handling Asia Pacific) <name>./<designation>. <work address>. <phone number>. <fax number>. <email> <email> email>. <Skype ID>. <cell number> <cell number>.

What do you want from me dude? You want me to fax you my butt???


13 thoughts on “Please stalk me

  1. That was a quick one…i hope its you who are replying and not a salaried person replying to all ur posts :P…..guess number 1 wud be u never met since u told he dint contact u back….if thats right i dont need to guess more :)


    • you think i have enough money to pay someone to respond to my posts?? why would i have a flatmate?? why wouldn’t i have moved back to new york! heh.


      • Hmmm apologies for the comment….dint mean to offend the author of this blog at any means….its been lovely readying ur posts….have reached ur 9th date at the moment…..and am loving it :)


  2. Kudos to you maam….and yeah btw i live in Dubai….wont it be good if you cud include a Dubai story (an international feel to your blog) in one of your 50 dates….:)


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