If this is your first visit, I suggest you go look at the about page. If it’s not, carry on to the posts.

If you just want to start at the beginning and read just dates, go here.

If you want to read other things I’ve written, or see interviews and so on, go here.

There’s a little menu that will let you see other options. If you’re having trouble finding it, here’s how. On the computer it’s a little dark grey square with lines on it in the middle of the left edge of the page. On the phone and tablet it’s a bar with little lines in the middle on the top of the page, below the title.


Also, if you’d like to write to me, click here.


18 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. oo so there is no option for outsiders :( too bad.. delhi walo u r lucky .. apart from joke very well written . im not much in english so sometime hard to express the feeligns :P. even i read first time that sex is ok on first date .. omg i thikn casual chatting and to know each other is enought ..but dil ko shu gea g


    • Haha I’m sorry but did you really think I’d give my number to some complete stranger off the internet who asked for it??! There’s an email link in the welcome post.


  2. Hi,
    I read about you on Mint Lounge, Your discipline of work brought restlessness on my mind. I also believe anthropology is the only way that can tell us about the entire race and development of human being… Would like to get in contact with you…. Please suggest on the same?


  3. I have been a blog lover since a long time. Just when I was thinking that there is a dearth of good bloggers in blogosphere, I came across you blog from Mr. Sufi’s article at Mint. Honestly speaking, this is a breath of fresh air! Not just that the experiment is interesting, it is the writing which is great. Simple, honest and to the point. Great balance between concealing and revealing the description of events. I am hooked!
    I am in a fix now. On one side I would like you to stop before 50 and at the same time I would like you to reach your goal of 50 so that we get to read those experiences.
    Best wishes to you and the experiment !! :)

    Liked by 1 person

      • Well, I guess I am not sure if the “goal” really is or should be to meet 50 dates. I hope and wish the goal is to find someone to truly, madly, deeply get involved with and spend the rest of the life with. Thus, would do not want for you to wait all the way till the 50th :) Best of luck in any case !


      • the goal of this project is not to find love. why does nobody believe me when i say it over and over again? so strange. of course if it turns up yay! still, thank you for your very kind wishes =)


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